Announcement | The Night Season Pass

Bogus Basin is a proud 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, leading the industry in providing affordable access to winter and summer recreation opportunities. From operating hours offered to affordable season passes and lift ticket prices, Bogus Basin offers its local community a world-class experience at prices not seen since the turn of the century.

Bogus Basin Base Area At Night In The 1980s
Bogus Basin Base Area At Night 1980s
Bogus Basin Chairs 1 & 2 At Night 1980s
Bogus Basin Chairs 1 & 2 At Night 1980s


Over the last ten years, southwestern Idaho’s Treasure Valley has exploded in population, garnering new locals from throughout the western United States and beyond – many of whom love recreating in the great outdoors. Bogus Basin is an integral part of the area’s celebrated outdoor lifestyle, and many of these newcomers decided to move to the greater Boise area because of its access to affordable snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, and other recreation offerings that Bogus Basin’s mission ensures.

In the winter, Bogus Basin offers a myriad of season pass products, all of which have sale prices under $600. Home of the 12-13 hour operating day, two core season pass products at the mountain recreation area are the Winter Season Pass ($399 – Spring 2022 Adult Sale Price), granting unrestricted access open to close daily throughout the winter season, and the Twilight Season Pass ($139 – Spring 2022 Adult Sale Price), providing daily access 3 pm to 10 pm with no blackout dates.

As the second largest mountain in Idaho, boasting 2,600 acres, 1,800 vertical feet, 10 lifts (4 of which are high-speed quads), and 200 acres of lit night terrain, it is no wonder that demand for these season passes almost always exceeds the area’s carrying capacity. In 2020, Bogus Basin began limiting sales on the overall number of season passes to protect the on-mountain guest experience. Like most ski areas, Bogus Basin was experiencing parking issues on select peak days, but contra to the industry, in 2020, the mountain chose to stop selling passes and lift tickets to honor its commitment to those season pass holders who had already purchased. The decision to protect the guest experience resolved the parking challenges, and the recreation area continued forward with its policy of limiting season passes into the 2021 season.

For the 3rd season in a row, Bogus Basin has sold out of its acclaimed Twilight Season Pass, a product favored by the average local who works a day job, and families who are interested in skiing or snowboarding at a budget-friendly rate. Unlike most mountain’s night passes, the Bogus Basin Twilight Season Pass grants its holder access to all 2,600 acres of terrain until 4:30 pm when the mountain transitions to night operations, which offer 1,420 vertical feet across 200 acres of terrain serviced by 4 chairlifts (3 of which are high speed four packs).

An All New Value PackED Season Pass

Unlike previous seasons, the 2022-23 Twilight Season Pass sold out before any other season pass type. Realizing that the demand for value-based snowboarding and skiing was still feverishly strong, Bogus Basin took customer feedback to heart, and the team put their heads together, designing a uniquely BOGUS pass product.

*Drum roll, please…

We proudly introduce the BRAND NEW NIGHT SEASON PASS – A nightly all-you-can-ride buffet for just $99. Like its counterpart – the Twilight Season Pass – the Night Season Pass allows guests to rip all four evening chairlifts, crushing almost 1,500 vertical feet spread across 200 acres of lit terrain! Unlike the Twilight Pass, the Night Pass provides access starting at 6 pm rather than 3 pm.

Bogus Basin’s decision to divest from a one size fits all pass model began in 2020 and continued in 2021. To manage capacity amidst the growth of the Treasure Valley and the pressures it placed on the operation, Bogus Basin needed to create several incentives to spread its guests across the entire 12-13 hour operating day. The goal was to create more predictable arrival times or “sessions” during which they could expect guests to arrive to and depart from the mountain, allowing most pass holders to access the mountain without the well-known parking nightmares and lift lines that plague the industry. In the For-Profit winter recreation industry, the standard response when demand exceeds supply is to raise prices until the demand falls. However, that is not the Bogus way; the mountain is firm about having a season pass product that fits every guest’s budget and remains committed to its mission, vision, and values!

Wasting no time, the mountain chopped prices on Midweek season passes, created young adult aged products across the board, announced a year-round summer/winter season pass, created the Twilight Pass, and now in a similar fashion – debuted an industry-leading Night Season Pass.

The Night Season Pass is designed for Treasure Valley residents and their families, allowing them to hop in the car after work and crush laps together or with their friends for less than the cost of a day lift ticket at most western mountains.

Own the NIGHTS, and we will see you UNDER THE LIGHTS!