Krossed Saints | Business Per Usual: Movie Premiere

Who Are The Krossed Saints?

Julian Gluck, the mastermind behind Krossed Saints, started riding Bogus Basin in 2013 when he was 13 years old. Bogus was and continues to be a stomping ground for him, his brothers, and their crew. Krossed Saints, a product of Julian and his friends, started in 2016 with skate edits, snowboard edits, and summertime firefighting edits. “It’s nice to have a big snowboard squad in Boise full of dedicated riders that’ll shovel and film for one another,” says Julian as he reflects on the work they invested into Business Per Usual. “We support each other and would do anything for one another.”

Snowboarder Standing In On A Bench Smiling

“We support each other and would do anything for one another.”

Julian Gluck – Founder of Krossed Saints
Evan Bowers Relaxing Krossed Saints - By Luke Tokunaga

Evan Bowers, a fixture in the Krossed Saints crew, started riding Bogus Basin in 2010 at age 9. Evan and Julian met in 2015 through BBSEF and instantly gravitated to each other through their love for snowboarding, skateboarding, and general debauchery. As their riding progressed at Bogus Basin, Krossed Saints was quickly formed as a way to showcase their many talents. With similar interests, one can imagine how intertwined their worlds became – Traveling all over the state, documenting their snowboarding, skateboarding, and lifestyle all along the way.

Julian Gluck and Evan Bowers are no strangers to the locals at the mountain and those tuned into Bogus Basin’s social media. Both of them and their associates began building a name for themselves at the exact same time that the mountain began to reenvision itself. Some call it luck; we call preparedness meeting opportunity. This power duo created a brand to house everyone from the up-and-coming snowboard to the tried and true Bogus Basin warrior, reviving the energy in the masses that once aspired to document their life-lived sideways.

Their New Movie

Krossed Saints’ newest full-length film offering, Business Per Usual, premieres November 18th, and is accompanied by a photo gallery from Bogus Basin’s Marketing Manager and photographer Luke Tokunaga. If the movie is anything like this crew and their past edits, it will be filled with insane riding and tons of antics! 

After a few years of riding at Bogus Basin and traveling to the far lands of Norway, the crew has grown into a community of riders, including: 

Julian Gluck @yeaaaaamangggg, Evan Bowers @brickkwalllll, Noah Gluck @meatbawl3k, Jasper Gluck @jasper_gluck, Jake West @jaggamuffin, Dylan Vandelle @dillyforthirst, Elliot Saxton @elliotsaxton, Luke Tokunaga @Luketokunaga, Derek Weimer @derek_weimer, AJ Ogden @aj_thejuiceman, Loren Exon @lorenexon, Tyler Morey @tylermorty, Ethan Lynn @_ethanlynn, Taylor Rose @zoraks_voicemail, Brennan Condie @brennancondie, Ethan Ward @ethanward208, Noah Thomas @noah.shreds, Abrahm Rogers @abrahmrogers, Sensesse @sensesse__, Austin Smith @cheddarchild, Markus Rustad @markusrrrrrr, Wietse Thomas @wietsethomas, Fredrick Johnsen @uofredrick, Magnus Barbo @alpine.legend

Krossed Saints Photo Gallery

Photos: Luke Tokunaga
Video Edited: Julian Gluck