Reuse • Reload • Reduce Discount

Because of our new RFID technology, Bogus Basin’s season pass shopping experience is now a bit different with the ability to Reuse • Reload • Reduce.

  • Reuse – Your existing season pass RFID Media, which lasts for up to 5 years
  • Reload – Your new season pass product to your RFID Media via the internet
  • Reduce – The wasted materials and time, all while earning preferred reduced pricing on season pass products

For each season pass type, you are presented with two options while purchasing:

  • (1) You can reload and keep using the same physical pass, which is also referred to as “media” or “RFID Media”
  • (2) You can buy a new season pass with new media.

Reloading your season pass is easy, thanks to RFID technology. Our loyal locals who treasure and keep their season pass safe & secure are in luck. That attention to detail saves you both time and money. Gone are the days of checking your mailbox or waiting in line to pick up your season pass!

By keeping and reloading your current season pass, you are saving yourself (and Bogus Basin!) time, energy, and money. If you are a current season pass holder, of any type, reusing your existing media for your 2023-2024 season pass reduces plastic waste, eliminates the need to drive to the Bogus Basin office to pick up your pass, and gives you the ability to head straight to the lift. By using your existing season pass you are rewarded with savings!

To take advantage of the Reuse • Reload • Reduce Discount, make sure you have the WTP NUMBER from your current season pass at the time of purchase. You can reload into any of our pass types in the age categories that apply to you. Season passes can only be reloaded onto season pass media, WTP numbers from lift ticket RFID Media do not work.

  • Step 1 — Select the season pass product you wish to purchase from
  • Step 2 — Select your appropriate age group on the pricing table at the bottom of the pass product page or via the drop-down menu. Make sure your selection says “Reloading [Age Group]” to receive your Reuse • Reload • Reduce discount and then click buy.
  • Step 3 — You are then asked to enter your WTP number. You need your physical season pass in order to find this number.

Confirm that the season pass you are holding has YOUR name on the front of it and isn’t someone else’s. Enter the 14-digit WTP number located on either the front or back of the season pass. If our system recognizes your WTP number, you are then offered any of our pass types in the age categories that apply to you.

Remember, season passes can only be reloaded onto season pass media, WTP numbers from lift ticket RFID Media do not work

College • Military • Family Passes

** College, Military, and Family passes require in-person status verification at the Downtown Sales Office before the pass can be issued or reloaded. You need your physical RFID season pass during your verification to Reuse • Reload • Reduce your season pass.

However, when purchasing online, you do not need your WTP Number to process your transaction, as the reloading of your RFID Media needs to be done in-person after your status has been verified. At that time, each pass purchaser who does not have their assigned RFID media with them will either need to return with their media for reloading or purchase new media for $20.